Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wow, that was f***ing fast!

Today I noticed a small error in a graphic included in section 5.2 of the Edge RailsGuide Getting Started with Rails. I raised an issue on the Rails Github project, figuring, OK, I've made my little contribution to the March of Open Source Goodness.

I was pleasantly surprised when Rails maintainer Steve Klabnik responded moments later that I had indeed caught a bug, as he'd done a couple of days before on another issue I'd raised (does this guy never leave his keyboard?). In the earlier case, the error was on my part, a semantic mismatch between using Rails 3.2.12 with the edge docs intended for the new Rails 4.0.0.

This time, after I read Steve's speedy response, I gave the RailsGuide page a reload, thinking, "OK, it' probably be a couple of days before that change gets committed."

I was astonished to see that not only had Steve committed a fix for the error, he'd used my screen grab to fix it. Major grin :)

Coming from a waterfall-ish project world where changes can take weeks and months to find their way to end users, I'd call this delight "moving at the speed of Rails".


  1. Yeah, I've had really similar experiences posting issues to gems. Once I reported a bug the "guard" gem, and practically thirty minutes later it was fixed by one of the maintainers and released as a new patch version!

  2. It gave a whole new definition to the word "agile" for me...


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