Sunday, August 27, 2023

Use diskpart CLI to reformat a Linux boot USB flash drive

Useful for reformatting a flash drive after using it as a Linux boot drive. 

In a Windows 10 command prompt, running as administrator:


Microsoft DiskPart version 10.0.19041.964

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.

On computer: YOURPC

DISKPART> list disk

  Disk ###  Status         Size     Free     Dyn  Gpt
  --------  -------------  -------  -------  ---  ---
  Disk 0    Online          476 GB  1024 KB        *
  Disk 1    Online          931 GB  1024 KB        *
  Disk 2    Online         7396 MB  4509 MB        *

DISKPART> select disk 2
Disk 2 is now the selected disk.

DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.

DISKPART> create partition primary
DiskPart succeeded in creating the specified partition.

DISKPART> format fs=fat32 quick
  100 percent completed

DiskPart successfully formatted the volume.

Leaving DiskPart...

Thursday, January 26, 2023

How to recover an off-screen window in Windows

 Recover an off-screen window:

  1. Select the window's tab in the task bar
  2. Press Alt+Spacebar to open the window's context menu
  3. Press M to select Move in the context menu
  4. Press an arrow key to snap the mouse pointer to the window
  5. Move your mouse around until it drags the window back into view