Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Canadians! How to turn off that annoying "Control-Shift" Keyboard Switch

No offense to mon copains Quebecois (did I say that right?), but a particular quirk affects PCs for a unilinguist Anglo like me when the Region setting in Windows is set to Canada (or I suppose any bilingual country). 

I've had the annoying experience of holding down "Control-Shift" for more than a couple of seconds, say while I'm trying to decide if I want to paste plain text into a Google Chrome field (using Ctrl-Shift-V), then suddenly I'm getting accented characters all over the place. 

This is Windows being helpful to us Canucks, by switching the keyboard layout from Canadian English to Canadian French, which would be great, if a) I had a Canadian French keyboard, and b) I knew how to write in Canadian French on that keyboard, and c) I actually wanted to write in Canadian French!

Well, I discovered how to turn off that 'helpful' keyboard shift:

  1. Open Settings and search for "advanced keyboard settings":

  2. In the Advanced Keyboard Settings panel, click on Language bar options:
  3. In the Text Services and Input Languages control panel, select the "Advanced Key Settings" tab and click the "Change Key Sequence" button:

  4. Finally we are there: click the "Not Assigned" radio buttons for either or both "Switch Input Language" or "Switch Keyboard Layout" options:
And that I think is it!