Saturday, February 2, 2013

Preparing for Ruby on Rails job interviews

There are lots of excellent books and websites that provide general help with preparing for coding interviews, but few discuss the expectations of Ruby on Rails employers.

Here are a few links to fill in that gap:
Many of the ideas for Ruby job interviews could of course be extrapolated to any software development interview. Happy hunting!


  1. If it will help anyone I've posted a list of questions and answers on my blog site:

    1. Great post, Anil, I'll add your link to my list.


    Here I have also gathered a set of questions and answers.. Hope this will Help all.. Please don't forget to comment If you guys like it.

  3. Questions that will help you to prepare yourself for the various activities that used to happen during your interview and that one must need to consider each and every fact to it then will be more easy for anyone to have good time during his interview. interview preparation service


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