Thursday, May 1, 2008

What did I just edit?

I checked out some code files from Razor (don't ask, we use an old CM system), created a couple of new ones, now I want to quickly double-check which of the thousands of files in our source tree are the ones I checked out or created (don't ask, we use an old CM system), so I can check the changes back in and introduce the new files (if I forget, guess who gets the wooden spoon for breaking the build):

So fire up a DOS prompt and type in:

C:\path to my code\>dir *.cpp *.h *.vcproj
/b /s /a:-r > \usafipd\updated_files.txt

This says "list all of the code files and Visual Studio project files from here on down that are writeable (i.e. not locked by Razor), then dump the results to a file in case there are hundreds of filenames to review.

This gives me a file, updated_files.txt, containing a nice list of all the .cpp, .h and .vcproj (Visual Studio project) files I checked out (i.e. made writeable).

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