Saturday, May 17, 2008

How to get Vista to show the "Command Prompt Here" on a Folder List

For many years, on many PCs running various versions of Windows NT, 2000 and XP, applying the "Command Prompt Here" Powertoy was one of the first things I would do to customize the vanilla Windows environment (i.e. make it usable). Right-click a folder, select "DOS Prompt Here" or "Command Prompt Here" from the context menu, and voila, a DOS box opens, set to the folder you clicked on:

I was happy to find the same feature already baked into Windows Vista: hold down the shift key, right-mouse click on any folder in the view pane, then select "Open Command Window Here" from the context menu:

But try the same trick on a folder in the Folder Tree, sorry, the command's not there:

For some reason, in their wisdom the Microsoft UI engineers chose to omit the command from this particular menu.

Quite by chance, I discovered that the choice is available on the File menu in Vista, but it's not invoked in the same way: instead, select a folder in folder list, hold down the shift key then left-click (i.e. normal click) the File menu:

Vista then displays "Open Command Window Here" at the top of the menu. Okay, happy to have it back, even if it's in a place I didn't expect...

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