Monday, May 4, 2009

Cygwin setup.exe fails during upgrade

Like Ruben, who provided the clues, I discovered that a corrupt/incompatible file in the C:\cygwin\etc\setup directory caused Cywin setup.exe to fail.

A few clues pointed to this file as the culprit:

  1. First time through, the installer complained that some other Cygwin process had locked the readme file

  2. the installer just looped indefinitely on extracting the README file from until I killed it

  3. The only .bz file in C:\cygwin\etc\setup with today's date was

Here's what the log file recorded, for several thousand lines:

2009/05/04 11:01:23 io_stream_cygfile:
fopen(/etc/alternatives/README) failed 13 Permission denied
2009/05/04 11:01:23 Failed to open
cygfile:///etc/alternatives/README for writing.

I renamed the file to , then reran setup.exe to successfully upgrade Cygwin.

Now I suppose I should log a bug report...

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